Workout Wednesday 24-04-13 – Incredible Arms

Incredible Arms Workout


Some of you may or may not have noticed that our wednesday workouts have been a little lower body focussed lately . . . that would be because I injured my rotator cuff. Majorly. Like serious, s-e-r-i-o-u-s pain. Im talking weeks (months actually) of torture physiotherapy to get it back to a place where I can get through the day almost pain free. Sigh. Just incase you noticed I thought I should explain a little.

Anyway, here I am well on the road to recovery and ready to build some strength back in to my upper body and guess what? Your totally coming along for the ride.

Today we are doing a basic upper body workout, all you need is something for resistance. Anything appropriate to you upper body strength but make sure its challenging. Use what you got people, make it count.

So as always, firstly we need to warm up for 5 minutes or so. Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around the living room, do step ups on the stairs. Anything to get you warm.


Then we get serious.


We are going to perform 10 reps of each exercise (each arm with tricep extension) with a 1 minute rest once all exercises have been done through once. Then we repeat the entire routine through twice more for a total of 3 sets, each time we finish strong with our plank I want you to aim to hold it for an extra 15 seconds for example – our round 1 plank is 30seconds, round 2 is 45 seconds and round 3 is 6o seconds. Get it? Got it? Good 😉

You can do it!


Then finish with a nice little cool down, maybe take a slow walk or something anything to help bring the heart rate down, then finish with few stretches.


Don’t skip the stretch people, it’s like dessert for your body and you deserve this little treat, you worked hard :)


Ok enough chit chat, lets get it on!


Incredible Arms Workout.


Question of the day –

Do you prefer to work upper or lower body?

I personally prefer lower body, each to their own though right? 😉

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