Workout Wednesday 20-02-13 – No Equipment . . . No Excuses!

I love to work out.

Like, I seriously love it.

It’s part of what keeps me sane. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that jazz (and yes I totally just did jazz hands after I typed that) but let’s cut to the chase . . . we are busy.

No matter how you fill your day . . . your busy. At the office, in the home, at school . . . busy, busy, busy. It’s part of the reason I love, love, love these No equipment, no excuses fast and dirty workouts.

The seriously get the blood pumping in next to no time at all. They are totally free, and totally portable which means you can do them anytime anywhere. Hence the no excuses . . . right?

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love me a good long hardcore workout but finding long blocks of time to get it done can be a problem. I would rather do a quick total body blast giving it 110% as opposed to dragging my feet through a 60 min workout that to be honest . . . my heart and mind isn’t fully into because I’m distracted by all the other things I have to get done . . . we’ve all been there right?


Working out is important, it helps to relieve stress and leaves you feeling energised and ready to take on the world . . . well it does me and it should do for you too.

So . . . long drawn out workouts that require heaps of fancy, expensive equipment . . .as Sweet Brown would say “aint’ nobody got time for dat!” Amen sista, aaaammmeeennnn!

So, enough talk . . . enough chit chat . . . let’s do this.

Today we are doing a total body blast, like I said no equipment, no excuses. The only thing required is your fine looking self and a can-do attitude, which I know you have 🙂

Ready . . . here we go . . .

Firstly we need to warm up for 5 minutes or so. Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around the living room, do step ups on the stairs. Anything to get you warm.

Then it’s go time . . . 10 reps of each exercise, all out as hard as you can followed by a 1 minute (well earned) rest, then we repeat the whole thing through at least one more time. Twice if you can manage it.

No excuses people, if your new to working out just do the best you can, Take your time getting to know the exercises. Walk it through a few times to get yourself familiar with it and than just give it as much intensity as you can. Any workout is better than no workout and we all have to start somewhere. You. Can. Do. It! Shout out in the comments below or hit me up on Facebook if you have any questions, ok?!

Let’s do this –

You nailed it!

Don’t skip the dessert people, finish with a nice little stretch to cool down, maybe take a slow walk or something anything to help bring the heart rate down, then finish with few stretches.

What’s your favourite fast and efficient exercise?


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