Workout Wednesday 17-10-12

So last week we worked out my fave section to work with this lower body blast so this week my friends you guess it we are working our arms.

Summer is well on it’s way here in good old Sydney town and we want to make sure our arms are toned and strong ready for tank top season.

Are you with me?

So, as always – warm up for 5 minutes. Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around the living room, do step ups on the stairs. Anything to get you warm.

Then it’s time to get real – Grab yourself a set of weights if your feeling strong (!) We are going to perform the following circuit through 2-3 times and finish with a nice little cool down, maybe take a slow walk or something then finish with few stretches. Get it, got it, good :)

Feel. The. Buuurrrnnnnnnnnn

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