Workout Wednesday 12-09-12

Here we are half way through our 42 days to fit challenge!

Can you believe it?

Great job on getting this far guys, seriously. Well done. Virtual high fives all round 😉

How are we all feeling?

A little tired, a little sore, a little cranky? Hopefully you’re also feeling a little lighter thanks to a few pounds/kilos lost and a little stronger thanks to our strength training?

I hope so.

You are doing so well. The half way point can be tough. It can be a place where many will give up, throw in the towel because they are feeling tired, possibly bored with it and just can’t be bothered anymore. The novelty has worn off it’s no longer as “fun” as it was.

Your body adapts quite quickly to change, you’ve all heard the saying it takes 28 days to form a new habit, right?

Time to mix things up a little which is why we added some cardio intervals into this weeks exercise challenge.

Now, we are all adults and no one knows your body like you do so, of course, listen to your body. Don’t push yourself to the point of injury. Use common sense.

With new exercises it can take some patience to get the new routine down but I encourage you not to give up.

You can do it.

A few things that may help you on this journey are –

Find your why –  Finding a good, solid reason for eating well and working out

Find your soulmate workout – Your soulmate workout is out there. Once you find it you will never look back.

Intensity {every little bit counts} – Exercising with intensity makes the after-effects of your much more satisfying. It also helps you bust through plateaus! If you only have 10 minutes, make them count.

Accountability – You are not alone. We all have to start somewhere, we are in this together.

So how are you feeling halfway through this journey to healthier, stronger you?

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