Workout Wednesday 10-10-12

I love, love, love to work out my lower body. Legs, glutes – love it!

Working these larger muscle groups get the heart rate pumpin’ which in turn gets the metabolism firing. Seriously what’s not to love?

So today I’m being totally self-indulgent and hoping you’ll join me in my lower body blast. Long (I wish) lean legs here we come . . .

As always – warm up for 5 minutes. Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around the living room, do step ups on the stairs. Anything to get you warm.

Then it’s time to get real – Grab yourself a set of weights if your feeling strong (!) We are going to perform the following circuit through 2-3 times and finish with a nice little cool down, maybe take a slow walk or something then finish with few stretches. Get it, got it, good 🙂

Let’s work it baby –

Don’t forget next week Stace and I are starting our Chalean Extreme Challenge. It’s going to be all kinds of incredible I am so ready to get super fit, healthy and strong. Lean, mean (well not really mean but you know. . .) and ready to ring in the new year,  are you signed up yet? I hope so 🙂

Do you prefer to work upper or lower body?

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  1. Jess says:

    I prefer working out my upper body. It might be because I see faster results. Or maybe because it is easier. In any case, thanks for the quick workout blast! I found your site through Enjoying your posts.


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