Workout Wednesday 01-05-13 – Monthly Plank Challenge

Monthly Plank Challenge

Can you believe it’s that time again, time for another one of our monthly plank challenges!

Are you in?

Good, let’s do this.


Here are the how to’s for those of us who are new to planking –

  1. Lie face down on mat resting on the floor, palms down flat on the floor.
  2. Push up off the floor resting on your elbow or you can push up with arms fully extended if you prefer.
  3. Legs out straight behind you.
  4. Keep your back flat with neutral spine (a straight line from head to heels).
  5. Brace/contract your abdominals make sure you don’t stick your butt up in the air or have your body sagging in the middle.
  6. Hold, as long as you can . . .

This is my preferred method of planking, on the elbows . . .

Here I am with arms fully extended, do what you feel people as long as your getting it done . . . deal?

You can click here to get a link to a video demo if you like :)

Now get your stop watch ready, and go!

Here’s how I did this month –

Plank Challenge


I am not gonna lie here people, this month was tough! I was determined to beat my last months time, and I did, only just but still I did it!


I am getting stronger every day baby, little by little, slowly but surely I’m getting stronger. And so are you. Love it!

Don’t forget to share your results. You. Can. Do. It!!!!!

How do you keep track of your results/progress?

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