Work Out Wednesday 25-04-12

This week I am mixing things up a little doing a total body blast.

Are. You. Ready?

Let’s rock this thing. Here’s the plan – complete the sequence through once, enjoy your well earned minute rest then smash it through twice more.


Let’s go!





Regular push ups Nil 10-12
Lunges 35 lbs 10-12 each leg
Plank Hold for 1 min 1
Sumo squats w/ side leg lift 30 lbs (weights on shoulders) 10-12 squats, 5-6 leg raise each leg
Tricep push ups Nil 10-12
Calf raises 30 lbs 15
Plank alternating op. arm leg raise Nil 6 each side
Dead lift 40 lbs 10-12
High knees 1 min 1
Bowling lunges 35 lbs 10-12 each leg
Spiderman push ups Nil 10-12
Mountain climbers 45 seconds
Squats 40 lbs 10-12
Rest 1 min 1


Nice work!

What’s your workout for today?


Top image from timtak via Flickr

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