Work Out Wednesday 18-07-12

So this week I’m going back to basics. Major muscle groups, heavy weights and only 8-10 reps of each.

Are you in?

Come on, join me . . . you know you want to?

Ready . . .

awesome, lets do this!

Let’s start with at least 5 min warm up, take a walk, do some high knees, step ups, skipping, dance around the living room. Something, anything to get the blood pumping around your body then always, always, ALWAYS do at least 5 min cool down and include stretching people! So important!!!!!!!

Ready, breathe and go –





45 lbs


Bench Press

35 lbs


Single arm bent over rows

25 lbs


Sumo Squats

50 lbs


Over head press

30 lbs


Dead lift

50 lbs


Bicep curls

17.5 lbs


Over head tricep extension

35 lbs






Key Training Points

Squats – 

• Hold dumbbells by sides • Pelvis/spine neutral • Feet shoulder width apart • Flex hips-buttocks first

• Flex knees to about 90 degrees • Knees in line with 2nd and 3rd toes

Training Errors/Things to avoid –

• Trunk leaning forward

• Flicking of knees (rapid movement at the end range of extension)

Bench Press – 

• Elbows out to sides

• Extend arms fully but not lock

• Hands above chest in elevated position

Bent over Row – 

• Lean forward at hip

• Neutral spine

• Slight stretch to hamstring

• Head neutral

• Raise dumbbell along thigh up to pelvis

• Lower dumbbell fully along thigh

• Retract shoulder blades before elbow flexes

Overhead Press –

• Hands shoulder width apart or slightly wider

• Press dumbbell up above head in line with front of head

• Chest high

• Stable trunk

• Knees slightly bent

Dead LIft –

• Bend at hip

• Slight bend/flex at the knee

• Dumbbells roll along thigh

• Chest high

• Roll shoulders back upon extension

Training Errors/Things to avoid – 

• Dumbbell too far away from body

• Rolling shoulders forward

Bicep Curl – 

• Elbows in to body

• Chest high

• Head neutral

• Shoulders back

• Knees soft

• Feet slightly wider then hips

• Raise bar to shoulder

Training Errors/Things to avoid – 

• Swinging of body

• Lifting elbows

Overhead Tricep Extension – 

• Hold dumbbell in both hands above your head

• Arms remain stable

• Maintain elbow position

• Bend arms to lower the weight behind your head

What’s your favourite muscle group to work?

Top image from timtak via Flickr

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