Work Out Wednesday 04-07-12


So this week Im not going to give you another workout.

I just want to encourage you to get moving.

Take a walk with your family or a dear friend after breakfast, run around the park with your dog, dance around the living room with your children. Anything. Make it fun. Just get moving!

We are well into winter now here in sydney and it. is. cold!

I hear a lot of people talking about not having any motivation to get into their exercise routine.

Motivation shmotivation!

There are days that I have planned a workout and seriously just can not be bothered. Not interested . . . not even a little bit. But I put my shoes on, suck it up and get on with it. Why? Because I know how awesome I will feel when I’m done.

If you find yourself shunning your scheduled workout I encourage you to lace up your shoes and just get on with it. Give it 10 mins, let those endorphins kick in and I guarantee you will want to keep going . . . and if not . . . well you did 10 mins more than you would have anyway right?

You can do it!

You are strong!

You have big, big energy!

You are amazing!

Be your own personal trainer.

Hey, why not be your own cheerleader?!

I will be kicking it with this routine I shared with you last week, working hard to bust through this strength plateau. Constancy is key in my opinion . . . not motivation. For a few awesome tips on staying on track check out this post from Naomi at one fit foodie. Girlfriend totally hits the nail on the head 🙂

What’s your top tip for staying on track?

Top image from timtak via Flickr

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