When slow and steady wins the race (and what’s coming down the pipe)

slow and steady

If you have any weight to lose, chances are you want it gone as quickly as possible.

I know I did.

The problem I have found with trying to lose weight quickly is this: it rarely stays off.

Super fast weight loss is often the result of some type of serious deprivation and/or a crazy exercise schedule.

You know what happens when you deprive yourself for too long? You binge.

Sometimes you end up heavier than before.

Eating too little and overexercising are both harmful to the body. Doing these things for a long period of time will cause damage and also make it more difficult to lose weight.

As much as we might want the weight gone right now, this is a time when slow and steady wins the race.

Making small changes, sticking with them, and forming new habits, takes time and care. Trying to change everything at once often leads to burn out and giving up.

This is something we tried to drive home in the eBook 42 Days to Fit. Make one change at a time to see lifelong results.

You are not on a diet. You are living a healthy lifestyle!

You need to build it brick by brick.

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We’ll share all the details on Monday. You don’t want to miss it!

Do you find it hard to look at weightloss and fitness as a slow and steady thing?

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