We’re Back!

Emma and I (Stacy) are gearing up to start posting here more regularly. We plan to post two to three times a week to begin.

Over the past year Emma become a certified Personal Trainer.  I studied nutrition through Liberation Wellness and received a basic nutritionist certification. We are excited to share what we are learning with all of you.

In 2011 we also experienced a few health (and fitness) struggles which we will share about in more detail over the coming weeks.

We have a renewed passion for creating healthy lives and being truly fit.

Keys to Fitness Series

We want to emphasize that this blog, while it talks about weight loss, is about more than just fitting into a pair of skinny jeans.

Being real fit not just what size clothing you wear.

Our first series of 2012 is one that lays the foundation for achieving a real fit lifestyle.

The keys to fitness series will provide specific details for how we can all live healthfully. Each post will focus on one effective step that will make a big impact.

See you tomorrow with the first installment.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Hey Stacy! I am excited to venture to this blog as well as your other one! As far as fitness goes, I consider fitness as I do eating, a “lifestyle.” I do not ‘diet’ per say, as when I used to do that, I found myself constantly hungry and always wanting to binge and eat junk food. I now just choose to eat healthy and exercise because it is good for me and my whole body benefits, inside and out. I think it is a mind shift that occurs and once you put your mind to it and you ‘want’ to eat healthy and exercise, you will do it. It also becomes a delight and not a chore.
    My health/fitness goals for myself this year is: I want to be the healthiest I have ever been. I throw age out the window as I notice I am healthier now, at age 42 and am in better shape, even as the years go by. It is never to late to change your eating and exercise habits! I challenge you all! We can do it together!!!
    Bless you Stacy for all that you do and how you educate, inspire, and motivate us all to healthy living. I look forward to now meeting your sister! 🙂