Suzanne Bowen Online Streaming Classes! Fun and Portable!

New workouts every week that you can access just about anywhere on any device.

Sounds good, right?

It is.  And it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg either (although they may be shaking by the end of your workout!).

Suzanne Bowen (one of my favorite fitness instructors) has just released all new online streaming classes that play on your laptop, iPod, iPhone, tablet or Apple tv.

I signed up and tried it out myself and love it. This morning I did upper body and core.

What I love about Suzanne Bowen’s Online Streaming workouts:

  • Suzanne Bowen – she is a great instructor. Very encouraging and helpful. I love her motto: “Excellence  not perfection.”
  • Workouts vary in length from 10 to 30 minutes. Use one or put a few together to create your own custom workout.
    You can click a button and have it show just workouts that are 10 minutes long and so on. Or search by the body part you want to exercise.
  • Workouts target different body parts – arms, legs, rear end, or all over body. There’s also a prenatal workout and stretch segment.
  • There’s an app so you can get to the workouts fast from your iPod, phone or iPad. I love this feature. Just seeing the little SBF button makes me aware of my need to exercise. Keeping it in the forefront of my mind.


I do these workouts in my bedroom in the mornings, and plan to continue these workouts while I’m out of town in the coming weeks. I love them because I can exercise in my pajamas if I want to and I don’t have to drive to the gym.

Suzanne Bowen‘s workouts are different. They are not your average aerobic class, or even body sculpting for that matter. She created her own method which “brings the form, focus and precision she learned from the Lotte Berk Method into general fitness with a balanced, full body workout.” (From her website) She also pays great attention to mind-body alignment.

These workouts are suitable for all levels. Suzanne always give modifications for beginners and explains proper alignment in order for everyone to achieve great results without injury.

I have enjoyed using Suzanne Bowen’s workouts for a few years now and wholeheartedly recommend them.

The online streaming classes are just $9.99 a month, and include access to a whole library of workout routines of varying length. Plus three new workouts every single week.   Get 50% off your first month by using coupon code: tryme. Learn more here.

This is not a paid promotion, nor are there any affiliate links in this post, I just love the workouts and think you will, too!

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