Stacy’s Current Workout – P90X and Turbo Fire

P90X and Turbo Fire are the workouts for me right now.

I’ve used P90X on and off over the past two years and really enjoy the strength it gives me. Lifting heavy weights builds muscle and makes me feel powerful! That sounds goofy, but it really does increase my confidence. I like feeling strong.

I get bored easily. Having used the P90X program for so long, I have very definite opinions about which parts I like and which parts I don’t.  That is one reason why I substitute Turbo Fire for some of the cardio workouts.

I LOVE Chalene Johnson’s workouts. They are fun and effective. The best part is, she includes interval training. These short bursts of giving-it-all-you’ve-got, make my workouts shorter. As a mother of three, I like shorter!

So here is how it all plays out:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: P90X strength training.

More specifically: For 3 weeks I do Chest and Back, Shoulder and Arms, Legs and Back.

Then Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps (my favorite), and Legs and Back for the next 3 weeks.

Then back to the first round again.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Turbo Fire cardio workouts.

I switch this up between 20 minute, 30 minute and 50 minute workouts.

All this has been taking place in the mornings. But the baby seems to have decided she is not in favor of my workouts so I am currently trying out different times of day! Trying to stay flexible in this season of life, since it all goes by so very quickly!

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