One Sneaky Way to Eat Less Bread

As I get older, I find myself wanting to eat bread less and less. Don’t get me wrong, bread is tasty. But I find it too heavy these days. And it doesn’t make me feel all that good.

Most bread doesn’t have a whole lot of nutritional value anyway. The filling is much better for you (well, that depends on what you are putting there, I suppose!).

In an effort to eat less bread, I use this sneaky trick when making sandwiches with rolls of buns:

Tear out the middle!

This makes room for more nutritious goodies like vegetables!

I got almost 3/4 cup out of this one roll!

That’s a lot of bread that I’m not eating.

Of course, you could forgo the bread all together and make a lettuce wrap. Butter lettuce is great for wrapping around some veggies and meat. Or choose a lighter option, like pita bread.

How do you feel about bread? Do you try to limit how much you are eating?

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