Menu Plan Monday 16-07-12

Here we are yet another monday has rolled around . . . are you ready for the week ahead?

I have to be honest, I’m really not.

My baby is turning 3 this week!

I can’t believe it.


My baby . . . 3??!! How is that possible already?

I love, love, love birthdays.

In our family we have “birthday week” 🙂

The person whose birthday it is gets to choose just about everything. What they want pretty much goes (within reason of course).  So, over the past few weeks we have been asking our little lady if there is anything special she would like to do or eat etc in honour of her birthday week and all girlfriend want’s to do is eat cake 🙂

Me – “Sweetheart would you like to go out for a special breakfast for your birthday?”

Little lady – “ummmm no, you just wanna eat cake?!”

Me – “yes darling we will have cake but we could go out for a special breakfast or even dinner if you’d like? Maybe we could go for an extra swim at the pool too?”

Little lady – “ah no thanks, just cake. A strawberry one, with flowers, hearts and rainbows on it?!”

So it seems not only is she her mothers daughter as far as cake goes but I have my work cut out for me creating a strawberry cake with flowers, hearts and rainbows on it 🙂

Ah bless her little heart.

So here is my menu plan for this week . . . now I best get to working on this cake

Menu Plan Monday – 

Monday –

Dinner – From The Dashing DishInside out Jalapeno Cheeseburgers served on spinach salad with baked sweet potato wedges

Tuesday –

Dinner – Grilled fish served with garlic and chilli broccoli and steamed brown rice

Wednesday –

Dinner –  From Better with CakeRanch Style Chicken served with baked sweet potato and green beans

Thursday –

Dinner – Birthday Burritos (grilled chicken) for my birthday babe!

Friday –

Dinner – Chickpea Curry

Saturday –

Dinner – Left over Chickpea Curry

Sunday –

Dinner –  From The Pioneer Woman CooksTremendously Delicious Marinated Steak (We will use Kangaroo) served with carrots, corn and broccoli.

Do you have any special birthday traditions in your family?

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