Menu Plan Monday 14-01-13

I am so sorry my posts have been so random. Since I shared my last menu plan with you waaaayyy back in December 2012  so much has happened!

We celebrated Christmas, rang in the new year and somewhat unexpectedly moved house all within just a few short weeks!

As if the holidays aren’t crazy busy enough without the whole moving house thing . . .  we then had to wait 2 entire weeks to have our internet re-connected! say what?! Who knew it would take so long? I  sure didn’t.

Anyways, I’m back now and ready to work.

How was your Christmas and New year celebrations?

I know many people make a new years resolution to eat better, save money etc and I honestly find that menu planning helps with reaching both of those goals. I aim to please people 🙂

Seriously, if you plan your menu you know what you need to buy at the store to prepare your weekly meals which means you are less likely to –

1 – Buy extra food you don’t need

2 – order pizza or pick up thai food on your way home from work, school, running to kids to dance class/basketball practise etc

3 – all of the above.

I also noticed since I started really menu planning and taking a list to the store with me we were spending less on our weekly groceries.

Like at least $50 less a week!

Yes really.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? a monthly treat . . . maybe a mani-pedi and/or massage with the money saved? Or maybe some new shoes? Or jeans? Or all of the above?!

What are you waiting for? Go start your victory shopping menu plan already.

Here is what we are having –


Menu Plan Monday – 

Monday –

Dinner – Grilled Fish with roast cauliflower, corn and spinach salad.

Tuesday –

Dinner – From The Pioneer WomanButternut Squash & Kale Quesadillas

Wednesday –

Dinner – Kangaroo Sausage with spinach salad and baked sweet potato wedges

Thursday –

Dinner – From Simply ScratchAncho Grilled Chicken Salad

Friday –

Dinner – From Better with Cake – Balsamic grilled chicken breast with Blue Cheese, Hazelnut and Apple salad

Saturday –

Dinner – Home made Baby Spinach, garlic and roast tomato pizza with simple spinach salad

Sunday –

Dinner – From How Sweet it isBBQ Spiced Salmon will Pineapple Jalapeño salad served with baby spinach and brown rice

Did you make a new years resolution? Dare to share?

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  1. Great menu ideas! I need to make a menu every week, but haven’t done that for a while. It makes a difference. The kangaroo sausage sounds intriguing! I have tried kangaroo before, but what is the sausage like?

    • Emma says:

      I love the Kangaroo sausage, they are super lean and pack a good amount of protein. They have a little spice to them as well which is nice too.

      My 3 year old loves them too 🙂