Menu Plan Monday 12-10-12

Um how is it almost the middle of November already?

Seriously what is going on?

Christmas is going to be here in no time at all!!!!! So excited! I love christmas!

Sorry for all the !!! but christmas is hands down, my all. time. fave!

So let’s be honest . . . how are we doing with our christmas shopping?

I am thrilled to say I am almost done. Although I gotta be honest, I’m not sure how good that really is. I have a tendency to continue to buy for people just because I see things I am sure they will love. Despite having just bought said person an ah-mazing gift that I’m sure they will love just as much the day before . . . I should probably stay away from shopping centres from here on in for the sake of our bank balance.

But its just so much fun!

Anyways, before I bore you to tears talking about how much I love to shop . . .

Here is this weeks menu plan –

Menu Plan Monday – 

Monday –

Dinner – From Yes, I want CakeChicken Spaghetti with Zucchini “Noodles”

Tuesday –

Dinner – From Better with CakeLow Carb Burgers

Wednesday –

Dinner – Lean Beef Burritos

Thursday –

Dinner – Grilled Fish and spinach salad served with home made oven baked sweet potato wedges

Friday –

Dinner – Garlic, lemon and rosemary grilled chicken breast served with baked sweet potato, broccoli and corn

Saturday –

Dinner – Fajita salad

Sunday –

Dinner – From Better with CakeChipotle Steak Salad


How do you get ready for the holidays, shop in advance or last minute rush?

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