Menu Plan Monday 05-10-12

Oh you guys I am so happy this new week is here. I survived the madness that was my cah-razy busy week last week . . . but only just. It has ended with my sweet little lady catching the worlds worst cold. Poor girl 🙁

Anyway, here is to a new week that has spunky husband home and officially on vacation!

Holla, so excited!

Planning the menu for this week I found a little tricky, not only because I was so exhausted that my brain is feeling a little . . . shall we say, fuzzy. On top of that the weather can not seem to decide what it’s doing.

35’C (95’F) one day. 16’C (60’F) and raining the next . . . make up your mind already!

How was your Halloween?

Here is this weeks menu plan –

Menu Plan Monday – 

Monday –

Dinner – Kangaroo Sausage with spinach salad and baked sweet potato

Tuesday –

Dinner – Fajita grilled chicken salad

Wednesday –

Dinner – From Better with CakeBest. Burgers. Ever served low carb style

Thursday –

Dinner – Balsamic Grilled Chicken served with Blue cheese Hazelnut and apple salad

Friday –

Dinner – From Better with Cake – BBQ Spiced Salmon served with simple spinach salad

Saturday –

Dinner – From How Sweet EatsSweet Potato Quinoa Cakes served with salad

Sunday –

Dinner – Chicken and Mushroom Omlette

What are you having?

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