Keys to Fitness: Rest

Rest. “What is that?” you say.

Rest is something we as women (and especially mothers) tend to avoid.

In any form of exercise training rest is very important. So much so I insist you take at least one rest day a week, preferably two, although it depends on your schedule/routine.

You need to give your body adequate time to recover.

It is in the recovery days that your muscles will recover and rebuild, which in turn will show you results.

Isn’t that what we are after? Results? Yes!

Seeing and feeling the results of our hard work is one of the main rewards of any exercise routine; Whether it’s going down a dress size, or keeping up with our kids playing in the park, we are doing this for a reason.

Let’s not skip this important aspect of our training.

Rest. It’s important.

Do you find it hard to rest?

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