How I lost baby weight using Slim in 6

After my second child was born I was disappointed to find that the weight was not coming off as easily as it had the first time around.

During my pregnancy, I had seen the Slim in 6 infomercials on t.v and knew I would buy it to get back in shape (It’s always nice to have a new workout when you really want to get serious).

Slim in 6 has three levels. Each level increases in difficulty and length. The first DVD, Start it Up, runs for around 25 minutes. The second, Ramp in Up, goes for 48 minutes. The third, Burn it Up is a 60-minute workout.

The creator and host, Debbie Seibers is known as the Squat Nazi, and she fits the title well. I didn’t count the number of squats in this program, but there are many. This is one of the reasons I feel Slim in 6 is perfectly tailored to women. It focuses on many of our common trouble zones, helping re-shape them.

One thing I like about this program is that it combines cardio with light strength training. I generally prefer to do my cardio and weight lifting separately, but for a short period of time, with the goal of losing weight, I found this to be beneficial.

So, how did I lose the weight with Slim in 6?

I pushed play regularly.

One reason I love workout DVDs is that it takes the thought process out of the workout. I don’t have to think about the moves I should be doing, I just follow along. This is wonderful for a sleep deprived momma!

I popped this DVD in as often as I could (three to five times a week) and did what she told me to.

I didn’t follow it to a T.

Slim in 6 comes with a 6-Day Express™ Diet Plan. I decided not to do this because I was nursing. I also did not follow the eating plan because at the time it was too much for me to think about what I was eating in detail. I just tried my best to eat healthfully within the parameters of huger and fullness, making sure I ate enough (because I was nursing). It is generally suggested that a nursing mother can follow these types of eating plans by adding 500 extra calories each day. I have not personally tried this.

It is recommended to do the workout 6 days a week. But I did not do this either. Some weeks I did, but generally, I felt that 3 days a week with regular cardio (like a walk, pushing the baby in the stroller, or another cardio workout) twice a week was sufficient. (If you follow the recommended 6 days a week training, perhaps your results will be faster. Doing the same exercises six days a week is intended to create a lean and toned body.)

It didn’t take long for me to start feeling like I was getting my body back. I wish I’d kept better details of my results because I remember being shocked at how many inches I’d lost so quickly. By the end of six weeks I was within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. And this is saying a lot since I gain over 30 pounds when pregnant! (I had lost a few before starting the program.)

A few more details about the Slim in 6 program.

  • Debbie Seibers is as sweet as they come. If you prefer encouragement to workout rather than having someone yell at you, she’s your girl. I appreciate her quiet confidence and found her to be very easy to listen to.
  • You won’t lift much more than a 5-pound weight in this program. But you will still get sore. There are many repetitions of each exercise. You really feel the area that is being targeted!
  • The first DVD, Start it Up, is quite moderate. As a postpartum woman, just getting back into exercise, I found this very doable. And fun.
  • The third DVD, Burn it Up, is a killer! Lots of attention is paid to shaping the buns. It hurts.
  • The workouts are not dancey. They are simple and easy to follow.

The program also includes Slim and 6-pack (an ab-focused routine) and Slim and Limber (a stretching session) that can be used as desired.

It’s much less expensive than it used to be! Learn more or buy Slim in 6 here.


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  1. Laura Greiving says:

    Is it too late for a 51 year old mom 🙂 who never really lost the final baby weight after baby number 5?

    • Stacy says:

      Definitely not Laura! When I was doing Slim in 6, I was quite active on a workout forum – there were other women your age doing it. They seemed to enjoy it a lot and got great results.

  2. Mary says:

    Hoping to win “slim in 6”!

  3. Amber says:

    I had my son a year ago and have 7 to 8 pounds left to lose to get to my pre-baby weight but 28 pounds to get to my goal weight. I have just started my second week of slim in 6. I am started the Ramp It Up DVD yesterday and it is kicking my butt. How long did it take you to start seeing results? Do you have to do the workout programs twice a day to see the results listed on the beachbody website?

    I am not following the meal plan but I am eating more fruits and veggies but have not cute out carbs (eating between 1200 and 1600 calories a day). I am concerned that I won’t see any results if I do not follow the meal plan. I am going to stick with it for the full 6 weeks, just trying to stay motivated since getting up at 4:45 am everyday is my only time to work out. Any advice you have on the program would be greatly appreciated.

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Amber,

      You are one motivated lady! Getting up at 4:45am to workout shows some serious dedication. Go you!

      You should have no trouble losing 7 to 8 pounds on this program, maybe more. I would not do the workouts twice a day. I think that would fatigue your muscles too much. If you want to add anything in, go for a walk or do some other form of light cardio.

      It’s important to rest, too. Don’t overlook that. Rest is when you see results.

      I’d say you should definitely see some good results by the month mark.

      As for food, I try to focus on eating lots of veggies and protein. Fruit is good, but don’t eat too much of it. I try to eat my carbs earlier in the day and not close to bedtime.

      One of the best tips on eating I can give you is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are politely full, not stuffed. I am working on a post about this . . . when I focus on eating only when hungry (no mindless or emotional eating) and stopping when I am full, I lose (or maintain) weight fairly easily.

      I wish you the best and hope you see some great results!

  4. Naty says:

    Hi! I got Slim in 6 at a garage sale. No program instructions or diet plan. Can anyone share the instructions and diet olan? Also, when do i do each dvd? How long before i start the next one?
    Thank you. My email is [email protected]

    • Naty,

      As far as I know there is no way to get the instructions or diet plan separately. From what I remember, the diet plan is the average diet plan you see most everywhere. To tell you the truth, my highest recommendation would be to eat a healthy diet made up of real food, high in protein, and limited on wheat/grains to see good results.

      The DVDs should be done 5 days a week. You can move up to the next DVD when you feel ready. There is no set schedule. When one starts to feel too easy or you want to take on a new challenge, move on to the next one.

      You might also try doing the DVDs three days a week and substitute walking, running, or some other aerobic activity on the other two days. For example, do the Slim in 6 DVDs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then walk/run on Tuesday and Thursday. Rest or do some stretching or other gentle activity on Saturday and Sunday.

      Please be aware that this is my opinion and not that of Beacbody (the producer of the DVDs).

      Good luck!

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