How Do You Stay Fit? Meet Liz: Home Educating Mum to Five Children!

how do you stay fit

Welcome back to the How do you stay fit series, today we’d like to introduce you to Liz of We Learn For Fun.


Tell us a little about yourself and your lifestyle

I am a stay at home, home educating mum to five children aged 9, almost-8, 5, 3 and 4 months. I love my weekly Zumba class and I also attend Spanish language classes, and church on Sundays. We live in Sydney, Australia.

How do you “find” (or create) the time for exercise?

Built into our school schedule (4 days a week anyway) is a 45min exercise time. A lot of the time it’s 15mins walk to a park, 15mins while the kids play at the park and 15mins walk home (well, the kids ride their scooters, so I can walk at a decent pace, and I have the 3yo and 6mo in the pram/stroller). On rainy or super hot days we exercise to DVDs, wii games (really active ones) or just do exercise out the front if there’s some other reason we can’t leave the house.

What time of day do you prefer to workout (morning/afternoon/evening)?

Afternoon would be the hardest time for me to get in more than a few minutes exercise. About once a week I go for an early morning walk with a friend, and about every second week I manage to get out for an early morning walk by myself – it depends on how much sleep I’ve gotten, what time bub wakes for a feed and how labour-intensive my planned breakfast is. Each morning I try to think about WHEN I can get at least a little exercise in for myself, in addition to the exercise I do with my family. If I haven’t gotten out first thing in the morning, then I exercise in the evening. I usually do this alone but occasionally I take one of my older two children with me.  More recently, I’ve joined an awesome gym my Zumba instructor opened, and I go to classes several days a week (in the evenings) or work out in the gym (morning or evening) on the weights with a program I’ve had written especially for me.

What is your favorite workout?

I *love* a Zumba class! It’s so much fun you forget you’re exercising! I do have a new favourite class, which is called Tuff Stuff, which is a boxing training class – the first half is drills and the second half is punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing our partner’s pads.  It’s so much fun! For a quick workout, when I’m trying to squeeze it into the day, skipping (jump rope) and hooping (hula hoop) are my favourites.

Do you have any health or fitness achievements to share?

Now we’ve finished our family, I’m embarking on my long weight loss journey. At the start of the year I had 20kg (44lb) to lose, and I’ve lost 6.5kg (14.3lb) this year, 8.5kg since I had my baby six months ago.  I’m exercising five to six days a week and already I can see I am getting fitter and stronger.

What are your current fitness goals?

As above, I want to lose 20kg this year.  I set myself monthly goals on our family blog, and from now until the end of the year I want to be exercising at least 1000 mins per month – I smashed out over 1600 mins in March!

For a less specific goal, I want to be healthy, fit and strong.

Favorite healthy (family) meal?

I’m learning a lot of new healthy meals at the moment, but I’ve just discovered kale!

Favorite treat meal or guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate. 75% dark (can’t quite enjoy 85% as much).

Ice cream.


Not all at once. 😛

Do you pamper/reward yourself for achieving a health and fitness milestone? If so, how?

Sometimes, but I think I need to get better at this. I also need to get better at thinking of rewards that don’t involve food.

If you could tell moms who want to get fit one thing, what would it be?

You have to prioritise it, believe that your health is important enough to the well being of your family, to MAKE time for it.

Do you have a blog or website?

We Learn For Fun

Thanks, Liz. You are one determined lady! Thanks for sharing with us!

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  1. Emma says:

    Wow Liz way to go! I love how you don’t use your big/busy family as an “I don’t have time” excuse, rather you use it as motivation and that is seriously impressive girlfriend! What awesome goals you have set for yourself, get it girl 🙂

    What an inspiration you are, thanks so much for sharing 🙂