How do you stay fit? Meet Beth: Owner of Fit2B Studio and Mom of 2!

Welcome back to the How do you stay fit series, this week we introduce you to Beth Learn, owner and creator of Fit2BStudio.

Beth is an expert of safe tummy workouts for women with diastasis and has a lot of knowledge and encouragement to share.


Tell us a little about yourself and your lifestyle

I’m a hybrid hippie homeschooling mommy of two who manages an online fitness studio while juggling the chaos of two busy-body kids and a recent move to a 7-acre farm! I’ve been married for 11 1/2 years to a sweet, silent Montana man who supports my every wild idea yet reigns me in when I need it.

I teach a few fitness classes at a local gym, and my kids go to a few classes in our community. The rest of my time is spent playing with them, hollering {lovingly} at them, networking and building a business so we can provide for them, and nourishing their souls so I can go to heaven with them.

How do you “find” (or create) the time for exercise?

First of all, I don’t see exercise at categorizable (is that a word?) but rather an integral part of my entire day. My goal is to move as much yet unwind as much as I can every day. Part of the reason we left the big city was so we could have room to run and a mailbox that would be further than 2 feet from my front door.

Basically, even though I’m considered to be somewhat of a fitness “expert,” I’m like every woman in that you have to pay me to do a scheduled workout! Ha! Mostly I “fit” in fitness the same way every half-loony mom does: I squeeze it in with squats to pick up 23 socks off the floor, with stretches on the floor with my laptop, with lots of piggy-back rides, ambling walks, chasing down some pet or another, and the endlesssssss trips up and down my stairs! Oy!

What time of day do you prefer to workout (morning/afternoon/evening)?

I taught 6 a.m. step classes for 4 years. Then I taught 5:30 a.m. cycling classes for 2 years. Then I taught evening water aerobics and step classes and was on a dragon boat team in the evenings for a few other years. I’ve also taught mid-morning and mid-afternoon classes of all different varieties, and I think my favorite out of all of that is the mid-morning. Especially pilates and yoga blended together late on a Saturday morning – taught one of those for 8 years, and it was my favorite. I miss those sweet faces (hello to any of my old Yolates groupies from Lloyd Athletic Club!)

What is your favorite workout?

My own 😉 I’ve developed a blend of Pilates and Yoga moves and weights that flows together in 347 ways, and I honestly never know what I’ll be doing next. It just comes out of me and comes together, and my body sings and people smile and sigh… and I love it!

I also really REALLY love step aerobics. That was the first thing I learned to teach… I practiced on couch cushions. Thirty-two count turnarounds, anyone?

Do you have any health or fitness achievements to share?

Last year, I was on two separate race-walking teams. One was for the infamous Portland to Coast Race (which runs alongside Hood to Coast), and my team “Toe Jammin'” took 10th in womens!!! My average time was about a 12:20 minute/mile.

The other one was for the Cascade Lakes Relay with “Rockin’ Walkers,” and we came in dead last and had a blast! Here’s a blog I wrote about that: What is walking the Cascades really like.

What are your current fitness goals?

My current fitness goals are to get a trapeze for inside the house and work on my alignment and adhering to the advice of Katy Bowman, founder of the Restorative Exercise Institute. She’s a biomechanist I follow closely, and I love her theories on natural movement. Did you know that hanging from a bar with your hands activates your pelvic floor? Yup! Oh, and I also plan to do the same walking races again this Summer.

Favorite healthy (family) meal?

Um, I really get stressed out in the kitchen. See this name tag? Okay, I know you can’t, but if you could you would read that it says “fitness chick.” Not nutritionist. Not cook. Me just buff girl who like to talk about moving heavy stuff around, preferably our own body masses. Ugh.

Just kidding. I cook…. a little. Tonight we had tuna melts on organic bread and some fruit and some chocolate pudding. More often, I make stews and burritos. We eat very simply and {fairly} close to the earth around here. Hopefully there will be more of that now that we’ve “bought the farm” so to speak 😉

Favorite treat meal or guilty pleasure?

Why must people always ask this question? Can’t I just pretend I’m perfect? Pizza. Pop. Gummy worms. Peachy rings. Anything chewy. And coffee. Every stinkin’ morning but only with organic half ‘n half and a spoonful of organic cane sugar, okay?

Do you pamper/reward yourself for achieving a health and fitness milestone? If so, how?

Not really. I’ve learned to take of me just to take care of me. Because if the mama doesn’t take care of the mama, ain’t nobody going to take care of the mama! Right? We have to fill our own cups, ladies. Harsh truth, but you can handle it. We have to get into the Word of the Lord ourselves. We have to eat healthy food ourselves. We have to take our own selves for a walk. Because we’re big girls, and if we fall apart, our children’s worlds fall apart.

If you could tell moms who want to get fit one thing, what would it be?

Don’t waste your time doing crunches and sit-ups.

That “waist” isn’t a typo. Your waist will get bigger not smaller doing those moves, because those moves hypertrophy your rectus abdominus [C’mon, Beth! Talk plain will ya?] Crunches and sit-ups are no longer in style. They wreck your spine, bulge your belly and split your connective tissue. About 98% of women who have ever been pregnant {read: not even carried to full-term} have a diastasis recti which is a separation of the two sides of your six-pack.

Planks are also a move that can pull that gap wider apart and make you feel like your guts are going to fall on the floor…. because they pretty much are! Hey, you’re the one who wanted straight talk! Anyway, you can go back to doing planks gradually after your diastasis closes, but I haven’t done crunches or situps in over 2 years and my belly is as flat and hard as it was before I had kids! Maybe flatter because I was a bit of a barrel-belly back then because of all the crunches!

Do you have a blog or website?

If you want to know more about what I do, come check out my TummySafe™ Workout Program over at Fit2B Studio where you can learn more about diastasis recti and how you can still work your core and your whole body while you heal yours!

Thanks for sharing, Beth! I learned a lot and can’t wait to check out your workouts!


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