Healthy Eating Tip: Simple Salad Preparation

You want to eat salad more often, but there’s so much washing and chopping involved. It just takes too long to prepare!

I hear you.

Plus, when you’re hungry, and the kids are running around, the last thing you want to do is start cutting up a bunch of veggies.

The best solution we have found is to set aside some time to make a large salad at the beginning of the week.

Don’t put any dressing on it (that will make it wilt after a a few hours).

Eat a little of the salad each day, adding dressing or extra ingredients to each serving, as needed.

To help keep the salad fresh, place a paper towel into the bowl before covering. This will absorb extra moisture.

Once the salad is finished, make a new one.

Just make it a habit to have a salad in the fridge at all times (or close to it).

Depending on the number of people eating the salad, you may only need to make one or two a week.

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This is a perfect example of how the answers to our healthy eating dilemmas are often nothing more than a little planning and preparation.

If you’d like to eat salad more often, I’d love for you to give this a try!

Let us know what you think.

Do you like to eat salad? If so, how do you make it a regular part of your diet?

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