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Something you may not know is that 2011 was a pretty rough year for us. It saw not only myself but my family deal with more than a few health issues among other things…. long story short I unintentionally lost a significant (unhealthy) amount of weight which has resulted in my having to deal with many other health concerns…boo!!!


This also meant that I lost a lot of muscle mass and as much as I love to workout this meant that the best thing for me (my body and of course my family….because lets face it if momma is poorly and not doing well the rest of the family tends to be pretty miserable too right?)…I had to take a break from training.


This was really hard for me because I LOVE to workout.




But, just because you love something doesn’t mean its the best thing for you at that very moment in time….I’m looking at the big picture and the most important thing is for me to be/get healthy so I can be the best version of me possible. The best woman, wife and mother I can be.


So take a break I did….it was tough….but totally necessary.  Being fit and healthy is so much more than being skinny (seriously!!!),  we will talk more about that in the coming weeks.


fast forward 3 months…..I gained enough weight to start resistance training again (yay!!!!!! :)) Enter Chalean Extreme


Oh My!!


I have done this workout before but I had forgotten how hard core it is. Slow lifting does not mean less work…its killer. You actually feel your muscles engage with every rep.


So, as I mentioned last week I planned to start working through Chalean Extreme….this workout is no joke! Serious lifting, working slowly with every rep aiming to reach muscle “failure” between 10-12 reps. Chalene herself will tell you, “this ain’t no baby workout”…..she is not kidding around…..I mean it! She looks little and cute and sounds sweet and innocent…….all true but this lady means business let me tell you.


Im talking serious jelly limbs…..like someone needs to lift my arms or spoon feed me because my muscles are spent…..


I love it though and after week 1 can honestly say that I already feel myself getting stronger, building back some lean muscle (double yay).


I’ll share some progress pics and thoughts along the way so stay tuned.


How’s your week looking? Any special plans for V-day?

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