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With the holiday season just around the corner some of us may be feeling a little stressed about how we can possibly survive the festive season without undoing all the hard work we have put in this year on our way to better heath and fitness.

How can we possible get through the silly season with all the parties, family gatherings, church lunches, work functions . . . it just does not stop!

You can make it through the holidays without gaining a pound, here are some of our favourite survival tips.

I would really like to encourage you to break free from the mentality of always having to be on a diet and look to having a healthy diet.

There is no need to be afraid. It’s just food. Fuel for the body.

The better the fuel your feed your body the more efficiently it will run, the better you will feel. You my friend deserve premium.

Yes, really. You do 🙂

I have talked before about breaking free from the diet trap and I really want to encourage you to try to just relax, and enjoy the holidays. Everything in moderation, its just food. Listen to your body, eat when your hungry and stop when your full. You. Can. Do. It.

Research has shown that we are better off eating a few bites of real food rather then copious amounts of “diet” foods. They are just not as satisfying. So, your better of having a few bites of something real, truly being satisfied rather than eating buckets of “diet” foods that just never quite hit the spot.

Different things work for different people. Find what works for you. If you feel like eating grain/gluten/sugar free works best for your body, thats awesome – Let people know. Whatever it is, get it out there. If people know most often they will be more than willing to adapt recipes or provide an alternative to make sure you are taken car of. Better still bring a dish of your own.

Whatever you chose, whatever works for you and your body please own it. Get it out there. You are you, you are wonderful and there is no other like you. Don’t try to be anybody else, don’t pretend to be something your not.

Just be you. You are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are unique, one of a kind, like no other and you are incredible.

Own it.

Sit back, try to relax and just enjoy yourself and your loved ones this holiday season.

What’s your thanksgiving day plan?


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