Workout Wednesday 25-07-12

  Hump day has arrived . . .  How’s your week going so far? Mine has been hectic with no sign of slowing! Look out! 😉 So, because I’m working on building my strength I’m sticking with this back to basics total body workout I shared with you last week. Initially it was a real […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday 18-07-12

So this week I’m going back to basics. Major muscle groups, heavy weights and only 8-10 reps of each. Are you in? Come on, join me . . . you know you want to? Ready . . . awesome, lets do this! Let’s start with at least 5 min warm up, take a walk, do […] Read more »

Work out Wednesday 11-07-12

  Looking for a way to make running easier, more enjoyable or just kick up your cardiovascular fitness? This workout is for you my friend. I love, love, love interval training . . . especially HIIT training! So after a 5-10 minute warm up we are going to power through a series of running intervals […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday 04-07-12

  So this week Im not going to give you another workout. I just want to encourage you to get moving. Take a walk with your family or a dear friend after breakfast, run around the park with your dog, dance around the living room with your children. Anything. Make it fun. Just get moving! […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday 27-06-12

  This week I feel like I really need to push myself. I feel like my strength is kind of . . . stuck. Kind of like a plateau you know? So here is what we are going to do. The plan is to do a full body resistance workout, “nothing new there Em’s” I […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday 13-06-12

  Ok . . . lets talk legs. Our lower body holds some of the largest muscles . . . now, now dry those tears. That’s actually a good thing. A great thing if you ask me. Lets stop cursing our lower bodies, embrace them and build on the wonderful base we have. Build those […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday 06-06-12

    After my week off training I have to tell you I am feeling rested and relaxed but super keen to get back into it. Seriously keen! What better way to warm up in this freakish, fickle and freezing cold weather we are having here in sydney than to get a good sweat on? […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday

    This weeks workout . . . Are you ready?? I’m actually taking a rest. Seriously! I know we talked about it a little in our keys to fitness series but I just wanted to remind you that rest is so important! Some of you may remember from my menu plan on monday that we […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday

    This week I am building on the upper body blast workout I shared with you last week. We will be adding in some cardio type intervals to really get the heart rate pumping. As always start with a 5-10 min warm up, listen to your body and take a break of you need to […] Read more »