Workout Wednesday 26-09-12

So this week I want to talk about push ups . . . I love them! Yes really. Good old push ups work your entire body – shoulders, arms, back, core, glutes and legs. You name it push ups work it! Love that! Not only do push ups work your entire body but they do […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 19-09-12

This week I thought I would just share a few of my top tips to keep in mind while doing our resistance training. I love, love, love lifting weights for so many reasons. It’s my favourite way to train! Select a weight that is appropriate for your strength, it should be tough from the get […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 12-09-12

Here we are half way through our 42 days to fit challenge! Can you believe it? Great job on getting this far guys, seriously. Well done. Virtual high fives all round 😉 How are we all feeling? A little tired, a little sore, a little cranky? Hopefully you’re also feeling a little lighter thanks to […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 05-09-12

  This week I just want to encourage you to take the next step in your weight lifting routine. If you’ve been following along with our 42 days to fit exercise challenge you should be feeling a little less sore and a little more comfortable with your weight lifting routine (Nice work by the way :)) […] Read more »

How to build your Abs – Post baby

One really common questions I get asked is “how can I get me some rock hard abs?” Well maybe not in those exact words, probably more something along the lines of “How can I get a flatter tummy”. This is something that comes up a lot. Especially with people looking to get back into shape […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 29-08-12

    So this week for our workout wednesday discussion I thought I would talk a little about what you can do if your just starting out, feeling a little over whelmed thinking that you have a lot of weight to lose, or if your struggling with (or recovering from) an injury.   Generally, exercising […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 22-08-12

Mid way through week one of our 42 days to fit challenge – How you holdin’ up? Now, normally I would post a new workout being that it’s wednesday and all but over the next few weeks we will mix things up a little. A new exercise challenge will be shared through the wonderful Brandy over […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 15-08-12

I don’t often do seperate abdominal workouts because I really feel like any time your working out you should focus on engaging your core. What this means is that basically that everytime you workout no matter what area your focusing on your core aka abs should be  engaged and getting a killer workout too. But […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 08-08-12

Today we are doing a quick and dirty total body workout that works major muscle groups with some smaller muscle groups to really get your metabolism fired up. Add in some cardio intervals just because we can and your done! Ready to work? Good, lets crush this! Select a weight that is appropriate for your strength, it […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 01-08-12

This week I’m building on my basic total body blast. I have been fortunate enough to have been given a gym pass through my spunky husbands work. Jackpot! That means I can really kick up my weights to the next level. Access to the various giant, intimidating looking machines that live at the gym . […] Read more »