Workout Wednesday 13-02-13

Ok so this week our workout is simply adding in a few HIIT components to our lovely legs workout we kicked off with last week. Short bursts of high intensity cardio. I’m only asking you for 30 seconds each time so you have to promise to give me all you got ok? No holding back. […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 06-02-13

I don’t know if its partly because I’m . . . shall we say, somewhat vertically challenged but I looovvvveeee to workout my lower body . . . namely my legs. I mean, maybe if I work them really hard they might reward me with magically growing a few extra inches overnight? Maybe . . […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 30-01-13

As a personal trainer one of the things I hear most often is people complaining about how they can’t lose those unwanted kilos (or pounds) for countless reasons the most popular excuses being – “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have (or can’t afford) a gym membership or that fancy equipment. Fooey! I say […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 16-01-13

It’s that time again . . . time for another Plank challenge!!!!! Are you ready to see how much stronger you are since our last plank off? I’ve talked before about how much I love a good old fashioned plank. I mean come on, one exercise that will work your core, quads, glutes, abs, shoulders, chest, […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 14-11-12

  Sometimes you want a workout thats quick but still intense. That my friends is what we are doing today. A combination of resistance exercises with some cardio intervals to mix things up a little and really, REALLY rev up your metabolism and burn some serious calories. Are you in? Good, lets do this – […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 07-11-12

  Ok people today I’m making it a fasty but a goody are you ready? Today my friends we are having a plank off! You heard me . . . a plank off. I have talked before about how much I (finally) love, love, love push ups and a plank (to me) is like a […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 31-10-12

  Ok so I know we are all crazy busy, especially today right. Getting dressed up, painting fun faces, trick or treating on top of our usual busyness. Right? Right! So, today lets just get out and get. it. done! I have talked before about how much I love, love, love HIIT training so today Im […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 17-10-12

So last week we worked out my fave section to work with this lower body blast so this week my friends you guess it we are working our arms. Summer is well on it’s way here in good old Sydney town and we want to make sure our arms are toned and strong ready for tank […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 10-10-12

I love, love, love to work out my lower body. Legs, glutes – love it! Working these larger muscle groups get the heart rate pumpin’ which in turn gets the metabolism firing. Seriously what’s not to love? So today I’m being totally self-indulgent and hoping you’ll join me in my lower body blast. Long (I […] Read more »