Workout Wednesday – 20 min HIIT

  For the last few weeks we have been focusing on breaking down some resistance exercises, so this week I thought we would do a HIIT workout. 20 min start to finish, that includes warm up and cool down, people.  Love, love, love it! So . . . here’s how its going to work – […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 20-03-13 How-To Squat. It. Baby

This week for our workout wednesday plan we are focusing on the good ol’ squat. I love, love, love squats! Squats work some of the biggest muscle groups in your body. Bigger muscle groups mean higher heart rate which results in more calories burned. What’s not to love? So, lets get to it. Break this […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 27-02-12 – Tank Top Arms

The last few weeks our wednesday focus has been allllll about the legs . . . well guess what . . . ttime to shake things up people. This week we are going to get ourselves (or start working on getting ourselves) a killer set of tank top arms. Are you ready? Oh FYI, you […] Read more »