This blog is on hold for a while . . .

Hi friends, We wanted to let you know that this blog will be on hold for a while. Emma and I need to take a little break. We are so thankful for all of you and so proud of the effort you are putting in to make life healthier! We will most likely continue to […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 04-02-13

You guys . . . I think I’m getting sick. Ugh all this crazy weather we have been having has finally caught up with me so, Im going to keep this short and sweet. This weeks menu super simple and packed full of veggies yummy, vitamin packed veggies. Here’s to an early night and renewed […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday: No-Equipment, No-Excuses Workout

Today’s workout is one you can do anywhere at anytime. No special equipment necessary. The moves below will allow you to work your body, build strength and get a cardio effect all at the same time. Get after it! As always, please be careful and strive to use proper form. Watch the videos for tips […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday – Grain Free Dinners

I have been working toward eliminating grains from my diet for the past few months. I have to say, I feel better than I have in a long time! Even if you don’t want to go completely grain free, I highly recommend reducing grains, or at least removing them from your evening meal. You will […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday 03-10-12

So you made it to the end of our 42 days to fit challenge . . . congratulations! How  are we all feeling? I am so proud of you guys for joining us on this crazy ride to better health. So what now?? Well hopefully after a little taste of the exercise bug your hooked, […] Read more »

Just to Confirm the State of Our Real Fit Mom Status

In naming our blog Real Fit Moms, I’m slightly afraid people might get the impression that we’re saying we have arrived. That we are holding up a shiny medal exclaiming, “Look at us. We are Real Fit Moms. We made it!” Please be assured that this is not the case. We are journeying toward this […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 11-06-12

  So this week we are having a “use what you got” week. Basically we will get fresh fruit and veg but most other ingredients will just be using what stores we have in our freezer and pantry. Do you guys do this too? Can be kinda challenging to plan but sort of fun and […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 28-05-12

  So my week has not ended well . . . I’m sick, boooooo!!! My head has been spinning so much I didn’t even realise it was time to make the menu plan! Honestly I had no idea what day it was, does that happen to you? Anyway here is to a new (and brighter) […] Read more »

Healthy Eating Tip: Simple Salad Preparation

You want to eat salad more often, but there’s so much washing and chopping involved. It just takes too long to prepare! I hear you. Plus, when you’re hungry, and the kids are running around, the last thing you want to do is start cutting up a bunch of veggies. The best solution we have […] Read more »

Menu Plan 02-04-12

  Umm how is it April already?? Seriously, 2012 . . . slooooowwww down already! Here is our menu plan for this week. I can not wait until sunday – those burgers look ah-mazing, I cant wait to try them 🙂 Menu Plan Monday –  Monday – Dinner – Mexican loaded baked potatoes Tuesday – Dinner –  Pan […] Read more »