Why I Stretch

I gotta be honest here people, for the longest time I would skip the stretching component of my workouts. Really! I figured I was busy and it wasn’t that important! I’m an active person surely my continued movement post workout would be enough of a cool down . . . it’s as good as stretching, […] Read more »

Keys to Fitness: Find Your WHY

Source: skinnyyogagirl.tumblr.com via Mollie on Pinterest I’ve come to realize over the years that a little more than saying, “I want to get in shape,” is needed to get me out of bed an exercise on a regular basis. Making good choices about our health can get tiresome when those around us are living differently. […] Read more »

Are you crying in the closet?

Sometimes life flies by without us paying attention to it. Most of us don’t set out to become overweight or out of shape. We just look up one day and BANG! There we are. And it’s not pretty. We’ve been there. We have cried because out clothes don’t fit and because we feel GROSS! Not […] Read more »

Beware the Scale!

It is always nice to see the number you want to see on the scale. Let’s not deny it. But make sure you don’t rely on that number alone. The scale is only one tool to use for monitoring weigh loss and weight management. Weigh every day for a week and see just what a fickle […] Read more »