Menu Plan Monday 24-09-12

Is it just me or are these mondays rolling around faster and faster each week? Seriously, Christmas is going to be here in no time at all! So how was your weekend? We had the most amazing weather here this weekend, its was stunning! It was so nice to just be able to hang out […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 17-09-12

Another monday has arrived, so how was your weekend? My weekend went by so quickly I don’t even feel like it happened. Boo I say to you super speedy weekend, booooooo. Here’s to another week, hope this one is bigger and better than the last ­čÖé Here is this week’s menu plan – Menu Plan […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 10-09-12

Oh you guys what a weekend! I am exhausted. S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y!!! Doctors appointments and blood tests while attempting to keep a very active 3 year old occupied so spunky husband could study for a major exam he has in just a few days time . . . add to that noisy neighbours keeping us up majority […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 03-09-12

It’s that time again . . . yet another magnificent monday! Is it just me or do they seem to be coming a little faster as the weeks roll on? How is it september already?! Spring is in the air and I am feeling good. Oh how I love days spent at the beach, taking […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 27-08-12

Hey, Hey it’s that time again! Menu plan monday is here once again and I have some of our favourite super healthy dinners planned for this week. If your following along with our 42 days to fit program congratulations on surviving, I mean crushing week one! How is everybody feeling? A little stiff, a little […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 20-08-12

Here we are yet another monday has rolled around. So how was your weekend? We had some seriously ah-mazing weather in sydney this weekend, spring is in the air and it feels goooooooood!! I see many a warm sunny day filled with family picnics in the park, delicious spring time salads and wonderful leisurely afternoon […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 13-08-12

    What an insane weekend we had here in sydney! Winds up to 90km/hour and temperatures back down to 15’C . . . seriously outrageous! It was so cah-razy that I lost one of my all time favourite singlets off our clothes line! True story. I may have even shed a tear or two […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 06-08-12

Happy Monday! How is your week looking? I am so excited, tomorrow I am going to try out a new power yoga class with one of my girlfriends! I must admit I’m a little nervous . . . power yoga . . . the title is intimidating enough right? Add to that the fact thats […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 30-07-12

The last week of July has arrived . . . well the last few days of July! How was your weekend? We had a wonderful weekend. Nice and quiet, filled with lazy days enjoying the blissful winter weather we have been having. Bright blue skies, refreshing winter wind, perfect for family fun filled mornings at […] Read more ┬╗

Menu Plan Monday 23-07-12

So we survived our little lady’s birthday week and she has the best day. It truly was wonderful Now back to business as usual. Here is this weeks menu plan –   Menu Plan Monday┬á–┬á Monday┬á– Dinner – Kangaroo Sausage served with baked (homemade) sweet potatoe wedges and spinach salad Tuesday┬á– Dinner – Spinach and […] Read more ┬╗