Menu Plan Monday 28-01-13

Here we are, another new week is upon us. Not just another new week, the last week of January. Um, how is that possible? Slow down already 2013, sllloooowwwww down! How was your weekend? I have to tell you, I’m in a but of a funk this weekend. Not sure what the deal is, I […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 21-01-13

You guys . . . what. A. Week! Holy cah-razy weather batman! Seriously, out. of. con. trol. ↑46’C (115’F) ugh no thank you. I for one am not a fan of hot weather. I love all the things summer brings, fresh fruit, trips to the beach, incredible salads, family BBQ’s, daylight savings and all those […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 14-01-13

I am so sorry my posts have been so random. Since I shared my last menu plan with you waaaayyy back in December 2012  so much has happened! We celebrated Christmas, rang in the new year and somewhat unexpectedly moved house all within just a few short weeks! As if the holidays aren’t crazy busy enough without […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 17-12-12

Im back baby! 🙂 Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, we went on vacation and I assumed I would have access to the internet (as one would in this day and age, I mean it is 2012 after all) but alas I was mistaken. If you’d like a little insight into where […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 12-10-12

Um how is it almost the middle of November already? Seriously what is going on? Christmas is going to be here in no time at all!!!!! So excited! I love christmas! Sorry for all the !!! but christmas is hands down, my all. time. fave! So let’s be honest . . . how are we […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 05-10-12

Oh you guys I am so happy this new week is here. I survived the madness that was my cah-razy busy week last week . . . but only just. It has ended with my sweet little lady catching the worlds worst cold. Poor girl 🙁 Anyway, here is to a new week that has spunky husband […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 29-10-12

You guys I have such a busy week ahead! Seriously, running people to and from the air port every. other. day! Lucky I love the airport (<— yes really) 🙂 As well as my many trips to the airport I plan on keeping up with my Chalene Extreme Challenge group, massive grocery shop, continuing our […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 15-10-12

At last, at last its here at last. This week we are kicking off our Chalean Extreme Challenge and I am psyched! Although I have no idea what is going on with the weather here in sydney at the moment? Is it summer? Is it winter? Make up your mind already! So, how was your […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 08-10-12

Well friends the first week of October is done and dusted can you believe it? I for one can not! Christmas decorations already out in stores . . .say whhaaa?? To soon people, to soon! How’s your week looking? I am looking forward to a week filled with some quality family time, hard core training […] Read more »

Menu Plan Monday 01-10-12

You guys . . . I have a confession to make . . . I had a soda this weekend. And it was so good! Just one soda no big deal I know, problem is I. Want. More. Like really, really want more!!!!!! Ugh . . . back to square one . . . Here […] Read more »