Beware the scale . . .

I was watching the biggest loser last night and something struck me. Well it usually does, it’s sooooo emotional. My heart breaks for these contestants who find themselves feeling lost, helpless and out of control. We have all been there right? I know I have. It’s no fun I can tell you that much. Anyway, […] Read more »

How Can I Help?

I have been sitting here racking my brain for some profound information to share with you all and I got nothin’. I guess it’s safe to say I’m suffering a severe case of writers block so, I figured why not just ask you straight out . . . what is it you want to know? […] Read more »

Why I Stretch

I gotta be honest here people, for the longest time I would skip the stretching component of my workouts. Really! I figured I was busy and it wasn’t that important! I’m an active person surely my continued movement post workout would be enough of a cool down . . . it’s as good as stretching, […] Read more »

Breaking the habit – You can do it!

A few months ago I shared a little of my story with you about my quest to find better health. These days I am doing so much better but after reading the great post my sweet sister wrote about sugar, I thought I would share a little of my personal experience on the subject. I […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday 25-04-12

This week I am mixing things up a little doing a total body blast. Are. You. Ready? Let’s rock this thing. Here’s the plan – complete the sequence through once, enjoy your well earned minute rest then smash it through twice more. Ready? Let’s go!   Exercise Weight Reps Regular push ups Nil 10-12 Lunges […] Read more »

Work Out Wednesday

  So this week I am sticking with my resistance training programme I shared with you last week but I’m adding a few extra cardio intervals just to kick things up a notch and keep my body guessing.   Are you in??   Always start with at least 5 min warm up, take a walk, […] Read more »

Work out Wednesday

  How’s your week going? Did you over indulge a little over Easter and are feeling like you need a little help getting back into the swing of things? Don’t beat yourself up and don’t “wait until monday” to get back on track. As one amazing lady (aka Chalene Johnson) would say, “move more and […] Read more »

Emma’s Journal – Update

So, here’s the deal . . . At the end of this week my beautiful family and I will be heading off for three whole weeks on our first ever real family vacation!!!!! So excited! This will mean I wont be posting any menu plans for the next few weeks because well . . . […] Read more »