Menu Plan Monday – Grain Free Dinners

I have been working toward eliminating grains from my diet for the past few months. I have to say, I feel better than I have in a long time! Even if you don’t want to go completely grain free, I highly recommend reducing grains, or at least removing them from your evening meal. You will […] Read more »

Real Fit Friday – Share your story!

Because this is a community of moms (all working alongside one another), we thought it would be fun to share our stories with each other. Every Friday we host Real Fit Friday so you can link up your fitness related posts and we can learn from one another. Some ideas for posts to share at […] Read more »

My sugar free journey . . . so far

A few weeks ago I decided to give up sugar. I took a good look at my eating habits and found that I had become addicted to sugar! It’s not that hard to do, really. Sugar is in so many food items! I found that I was eating sweet things when I felt stressed or […] Read more »

Announcing: Real Fit Friday Link Up!

Fellow fitness warriors! Because this is a community of moms (all working alongside one another), we thought it would be fun to share our stories with each other. This Friday we will be starting a new link up here at Real Fit Moms: Real Fit Friday! Every Friday we will host Real Fit Friday and […] Read more »

Announcing: 42 Days to Fit

Just in case you hadn’t heard, we are teaming up with Brandy of The Marathon Mom to bring you 42 Days to Fit. A 6 week series to help you get on track and find our way to a healthier lifestyle. It starts tomorrow! It’s free. The details are up at The Marathon Mom. There’s […] Read more »

If you want to see results, kick sugar to the curb!

We all know sugar is bad for us. It’s kind of a no-brainer. But I’m not just talking cookies and cakes, sugar is everywhere! It’s easy to forget just how pervasive sugar is and that it hides in many, many products on supermarket shelves. Do you know how much sugar is in ketchup? If it’s […] Read more »

My Current Workout – Strength Training

My 20 lb weights – I’m excited I can chest press these now! I told you all that I recently joined the gym but I forgot to mention that I’m spending most of my time in the weights area. *Scary* I try to go as early as possible before it fills up with big, beefy, […] Read more »

My food downfall

Do you have one item of food that causes you trouble? I do. And it’s not anything gourmet. It’s my kids’ silly z-bars. My favorite are the s’mores ones. There is nothing terrible about them. In fact, I think they are pretty good as far as pre-packaged snacks go. But if I see one, I […] Read more »

Why I joined the gym {I hate gyms}

I finally bit the bullet and joined the local gym.   This may not seem like a big deal except that I despise gyms! So, why does someone who dislikes gyms so intensely join one? Well, here’s the rub . . . I kept trying to workout at home and found myself being thwarted over […] Read more »

Just to Confirm the State of Our Real Fit Mom Status

In naming our blog Real Fit Moms, I’m slightly afraid people might get the impression that we’re saying we have arrived. That we are holding up a shiny medal exclaiming, “Look at us. We are Real Fit Moms. We made it!” Please be assured that this is not the case. We are journeying toward this […] Read more »