100 Pound Loser – {A Review}

I love reading stories. Real-life stories.

Stories about people who have overcome. Who have worked hard against the odds and succeeded.

Jessica Heights has one such story. A real-life story in which she loses 100 pounds.

100 pounds!

That’s amazing.

Weight loss stories are some of the most inspiring to me, because any time I try to lose a few pounds, I realize just how difficult it is to change!

And not just to change, but to stick with the changes one makes.

It’s hard work.

Really hard work.

I think we can all learn from those who have fought and overcome, whether we have weigh to lose  or not.

In 100 Pound Loser, Jessica reveals how she lost 100 pounds.

It’s not a gimmick or magic pill, but the fruit of serious hard work and dedication.

Jessica tells it straight and shares exactly what steps she took (and how you might also implement them).

I think you’ll come away from this ebook knowing that losing weight is possible and you might just be boosted in courage knowing that another mom, with kids underfoot, and a very busy life, did this, and you can too!

Jessica’s story inspires me.

I think it will inspire you, too.

If you want to read Jessica’s story and learn what steps to take to make some serious changes in your life, then check out 100 Pound Loser.

It’s available on Amazon (for Kindle) or as a PDF.

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