10 Ways To Fit In A Run When You’re A Mom

I am a homeschooling mom of 3 with a love for running.

I often get asked how I as a mother squeeze in time for a run.

Here are 10 ways I have either used to get a run in or seen other mother runners do.

1. Get Up early

As soon as the weather turns warm I meet a group of friends for a run at 5:15 a.m.. No one in our homes are even up to notice we are gone.

2. Run The Track

If your children are preschoolers or older this may work for you. Bring along a few toys they can play with in the grass in the center of the track and run circles around them.

3. Child Swap

This works well for long runs. Offer to take care of another running mom’s children once a week for an hour or so while she runs and then she takes care of your children another day while you fit in your long run.

Or  for shorter runs, you could meet at the park and let the children play. Divide up the time the children will realistically play between the two of you. One watches the children while the other runs and swap at the half way mark.

4. Run During Nap Time

You need a tread mill for this one. If you can’t afford a new one look for one on the second hand market. Craigs list is a great place to start your search.You can also try asking for one on Facebook, lots of people use them as clothes hangers and would love to get them out of their homes.

While your child naps hop on your tread mill and get in a run. Make sure you leave time to cool down and grab a quick  shower.

5. Purchase A Jogging Stroller

Again if you cannot afford a new jogging stroller check the second hand market, children’s consignment stores often have several available at one time.

The trick with jogging strollers is either going for a run just as your child is about to drift off to sleep or keep a few things in the storage bucket under it to keep them busy like snacks, or toys that are attached safely to the stroller so they cannot throw them on the run.

6. Join A Gym With Good Childcare

Many gyms have childcare available for just a few dollars extra per month. Yes you will have to run on a treadmill but a treadmill run is better than no run.

7. Carry Your Running Gear Every Where

You never know when a chance to run might arise. Keeping your running gear close at hand allows you to take advantage of whatever window of time might open up.

8. Run Around The Field While Your Children is At Practice

I know of one mom who runs around the perimeter of our town’s soccer fields while her child practices with their team.

9. Run Late

A group of women I know  meet after their husbands are home from work to run. They find safety in numbers to face the dark streets.

10. Run With The Children

My eldest is now 17 years old and he and I have ran several 5k’s together. My youngest is 10 years old and this spring she wants me to train her for her first 5k.

Their is great joy in sharing my passion of running with my children.

Do you enjoy running? Have any tips to share for fitting in a run when you’re a mom?

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  1. I really struggle with this. Living in Chicago, it’s difficult to run outdoors with my children during the winter months. Running early or late is also risky as there is a lot of ice that’s difficult to see. If kids are sick, we can’t take them to childcare at the gym. The only way I’ve been able to do my runs is to hire a babysitter to free up the time. So frustrating! I’m looking forward to summer.

    • Victoria says:

      I agree winter months are tough for mid west runners, I live in Indiana. I got a bad chest infection a few years ago and ever since then I cannot run outdoors in freezing temperatures without getting a barking cough for days afterwards. I don’t know if this would help you with running outdoors but my friends and I got Yak Trax one year and they were great for icy roads. The slide over your running shoes and help you grip on the ice. I also wear a head lamp while running in the dark with friends (I never run alone when it is dark) I have one by energizer. Hope this might help, otherwise I am praying for an early spring!


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