Note to Self, You Are Enough!

  I just wanted to take a minute to say that you, my friend are enough. You are wonderful You are amazing You are strong You are intelligent You are beautiful You are extremely talented You are like no other and that is a truly incredible and wonderful thing. To often we get caught up […] Read more »

Selech-Tech Weights – A Review

I know I have told you time and time again how much I love, love, love lifting heavy weights. For so many reason, I just love it! Today I thought I would just share with you one of my all time, hands down, fave pieces of gym equipment I own. My dearly loved, Select-Tech Weights. I […] Read more »

Workout Wednesday – 20 min HIIT

  For the last few weeks we have been focusing on breaking down some resistance exercises, so this week I thought we would do a HIIT workout. 20 min start to finish, that includes warm up and cool down, people.  Love, love, love it! So . . . here’s how its going to work – […] Read more »

Eat this, do that – The Easter Edition

Last week while doing groceries, I picked up a copy of this months Women’s Health magazine. FYI – I am slightly addicted to them. I just love to see what’s going on in the world of heath and fitness; it seems there is always something new (and a lot of times ca-razy) to be discovered. […] Read more »